Washington State Department of Financial Institutions

DCU Bulletin
Encrypted E-mail in Use

August 02, 2007

NO: B-07-10

The Division of Credit Unions (Division) is using ZixMail, an e-mail encryption service, to secure e-mail communications between the Division and individuals at credit unions. The process requires no new hardware or software, is quite simple to use, and will allow for encrypted attachments as well.

For example, the Division will now send credit unions the letter and attachments announcing a pending examination. The first time a recipient receives such an e-mail they will receive a website link where they will be prompted to establish a ZixMail password. When that process is completed or in subsequent messages, the user can read the e-mail, print attachments or respond to the e-mail. When responding to a secure e-mail from the Division, a user can attach files totaling up to 15 MB. At all times during transmission the e-mail, responses, and attachments will be encrypted.

When a person has established a password with one sender from the Division, they need not set up another when receiving a message from another Division staff person. The following web site can provide additional information about the specifications for ZixMail: http://www.zixcorp.com/

Please contact Glenn Ross at 360-481-2551 or Deb Gustafson at 360-725-7838 with any questions about this system.

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