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New IT Contractor and IT Exam Priorities

June 26, 2007

NO: B-07-08

New Contractor For IT Exams
Effective July 2, 2007, the Division of Credit Unions (Division) is revising the Information Technology (IT) portion of our examination. IT examinations will be performed by Division examiner Glenn Ross along with the Division’s new contractor. Steinke Consulting is the new contractor and will be represented by Gerhard Steinke. Mr. Steinke has significant IT experience and has worked with Trust CC for the past two years. His experiences will help in identifying best practices and in determining areas of weakness in state chartered credit unions.

Credit union managers told us the IT exams have been very informative and we were pleased with the work provided by Trust CC. We are changing the contractor as a result of the normal bid process for state contracts. The contract with Steinke Consulting runs through June 30, 2009.

IT Exam Focus
The Division will focus on the following areas during the next two years:

The IT Exam Fee Waiver Will Continue Through June 2008
The Director will continue to waive the IT exam fees at least through June 2008. By April 2008, the Division will review its budget and cash fund to determine whether the Division can afford to continue waiver of the IT exam fees.

Please contact Doug Lacy-Roberts at (360) 902-0507 if you have questions.

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