Washington State Department of Financial Institutions

Consumer Services Laws and Rules

To view laws and rules for the Division of Consumer Services, use the links below.

Laws - Revised Codes of Washington (RCW)

RCW 31.45 Check Cashers and Sellers Act
RCW 31.04 Consumer Loan Act
RCW 18.44 Escrow Agent Registration Act
RCW 19.146 Mortgage Broker Practices Act
RCW 43.320.140 Mortgage Fraud Prosecution Account
RCW 19.144 Mortgage Lending and Homeownership Law
RCW 19.265 Tax Refund Anticipation Loan Act
RCW 19.230 Uniform Money Services Act
RCW 19.52 Washington Usury Law

Rules - Washington Administrative Codes (WAC)

WAC 208-630 Check Cashers and Sellers Act
WAC 208-620 Consumer Loan Act
WAC 208-680 Escrow Agent Registration Act
WAC 208-660 Mortgage Broker Practices Act
WAC 208-600-200 Mortgage Lending and Homeownership
WAC 208-690 Uniform Money Services Act

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