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Escrow Industry Update

License Types As of October 2017 As of October 2016
Main Office 61 58
Branch Office 11 9
Officers 113 147

Time to Get Ready to Renew

Be on the lookout for your annual Escrow Agent renewal notice. The Department will mail notices in mid-October. The renewal process is the same as previous years. As a reminder, in order for an escrow agent to renew, the following information must be current:

  • The DEO license for the main and/or branch
  • All quarterly reports filed with the Department
  • E&O, Fidelity and Surety Bond

Once you receive your renewal notice, verify the information is accurate. If it is incorrect, submit an Amendment Form to update the changes.

If your company is not going to renew, complete a Closure/Surrender Form.

Escrow Committee Meeting

The Escrow Committee Webinar will be held on October 12, 2017. If you are unable to attend check the Escrow Committee Meeting webpage for the meeting minutes.

Upcoming Events

November 01: Escrow Agent Renewals Begin
December 31: Escrow Agent Renewal Deadline