Message from Charlie Clark

Charlie Clark

Are you interested in learning more about cyber security and how to protect your small or medium sized business? Our agency has been following with interest the growing number of cyber security events over the years. It now seems an almost daily event to hear about a cyber hacking. Our daily language has changed to include terms such as malware, spyware, worms, phishing, spearphishing, hackers and viruses. Sounds like a bad horror movie!

Through our complaint process we regularly become aware of cyber attacks and scams, and we post alerts on those events when appropriate to do so. We also recently partnered with the real estate industry to put out an alert to licensees when we became aware of a social engineering scam whereby the bad guys gathered enough information about a consumer’s transaction so as to appear to be a legitimate player in the transaction. The scammer was successful in getting the consumer to wire money to the scammer’s bank account. I detailed that event in our Summer, 2016, newsletter. In that newsletter I also talked about a specific applicable state law and our newly adopted Information Security rules that touch on licensees’ obligations under state and federal law to protect their digital information. The losses from cyber security breaches can be devastating to a business. A recent article in Forbes online estimated that cyber crime costs are projected to hit two trillion dollars by 2019. That is a “T” for trillion! I have a sense that small companies, including some of our smaller sized licensees may need some additional resources to evaluate their current cyber security programs.

While DFI does not provide training in this area directly, we are planning an event for our small and medium company licensees to receive free training provided by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA). I hope you will take a few minutes to complete the linked survey to give us information about your company and what you hope to gain from such an event. Our focus is on small and medium sized businesses and seating priority will be given based the size of companies with interest. For more specific information about this free event, please refer to the Small and Medium Business Cyber Security Workshop article.