Escrow Industry Update

License Types As of January 2017 As of January 2016
Main Office 59 65
Branch Office 10 8
Officers 130 142

Quarterly Report Filing Deadline Approaching

January 30th is the deadline for you to file the Escrow Agent Quarterly Report (EAQR). The Department’s online EAQR filing system utilizes Secure Access Washington (SAW) for this report. Filers must log into their Secure Access Washington account and select “Escrow Agent QR” to access the filing system.

This Instructional User Guide contains directions for creating a SAW account and filing the EAQR.

Escrow Officer Renewals

Don’t forget! Escrow Officer Licenses expire throughout the year, depending on the initial approval date. Renewals are paid online via the Escrow Officer Online Renewal System. The Department is seeing an increase in officers renewing late or not renewing before the license cancels. If the license cancels, the individual must reapply for the license which involves meeting new application requirements.

See WAC 208-680-243 for renewal and reinstatement information for escrow officers.

Escrow Committee

The Escrow Committee met on January 12th, 2017. Follow the link below to view the agenda, presentation and webinar recording from this meeting as well as past Escrow Committee materials.

January 12, 2017 Escrow Committee Documents and Webinar