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Friday, April 25, 2008

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Work Group Assessing Financial Literacy In Washington, Seeks To Increase Statewide Consumer Education

OLYMPIA - Responding to Governor-sponsored legislation to assess financial literacy in Washington State, the Washington Financial Literacy Work Group was created. The work group’s 27 members conducted their first meeting from 8 a.m. to noon Friday, April 25 at Highline Community College.

This group is tasked with addressing the issues presented in SENATE BILL 6272 Chapter 3, Laws of 2008, supported and signed by Governor Chris Gregoire Feb. 11, 2008:

Members of this work group will determine the status of financial literacy in Washington State and define what action is necessary to increase financial literacy at all age levels. The group will provide regular interim reports on their findings and submit a final report to the governor and legislature by Dec. 1, 2008.

“Financial literacy is a critical tool in assisting Washington residents attain financial freedom,” DFI Director Scott Jarvis said. “This group will do the heavy lifting necessary to identify steps the State needs to take to ensure financial education is readily available for all Washington residents every stage of their life — from cradle to grave."

“This workgroup is being asked to find better methods of communication and information dissemination,” Jarvis continued. “They will propose more effective ways of partnering with organizations -- state, private, and non-profit, and suggest how the state can best increase financial literacy throughout the state.”

Washington Financial Literacy Work Group members include:

For details on other financial education events and the partners conducting them, visit DFI’s Financial Literacy Blog “Money Talks” at http://finlit.blogspot.com/ or go to www.dfi.wa.gov/financial-education/calendar.htm to view the DFI Financial Literacy Outreach calendar.

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