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Washington State LifeSmarts Team Wins Second Place at National Competition

DFI is proud to congratulate Ellensburg High School on their second place finish at the 2006 National LifeSmarts Competition in Philadelphia, April 22-25. Teams representing 30 states competed for the top prize.

LifeSmarts is a knowledge bowl contest for young consumers in grades 9-12. The program is sponsored by the National Consumer League. Throughout the year, high school teams compete in a series of online contests to test their life skill knowledge including personal finance. Teams with qualifying scores are invited to a state competition sponsored by DFI and the Consumer Jungle financial literacy program. After a series of head to head elimination rounds, the winning school represents Washington at the national competition. Winners of the national competition receive trophies and scholarships.

For more information about the LifeSmarts program, visit: www.lifesmarts.org

Schools interested in joining the Washington competition are encouraged to contact Nicole Schmauder at (509) 663-3685 or 1-866-282-4652.

Ellensburg High School Team

Coaches: Emily Stevenson and Jo Repp


LifeSmarts Winners
Washington LifeSmarts Team from Ellensburg

LifeSmarts Winners
Colin Pickett, Mandy Jordan, Jeff Jorgensen,
and Haylee Morse-Miller