Washington State Department of Financial Institutions

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Thursday, September 7, 2006

Free Investor Education Seminars Sponsored by DFI and the Seattle Public Library

Investor Education @ your libraryŽ National Program Comes to Seattle Saturday, October 7

The Washington State Department of Financial Institutions and the Seattle Public Library are partnering to present two, free investor education seminars in Seattle on Saturday, October 7 at the Central Public Library. The workshops provide independent, objective information to help consumers make informed investment decisions. The Library's staff, DFI and Investor Protection Trust representatives, and seminar speaker Karen Thomas, a representative of the non-profit Evelyn Brust Foundation, will make presentations.

Consumers can register for one of two 75-minute presentations on Saturday, October 7.


What does the workshop cover?
Attendees will receive a packet of materials at the event developed by the Investor Protection Trust, Kiplinger Washington Editors, and the American Library Association. The seminar will cover the following topics:

Following each seminar, a limited number of pre-registered attendees will have an opportunity to receive an objective, non-commercial, one-on-one counseling session from a certified investment advisor. (NOTE: Counseling space is limited to 25 pre-registered consumers per seminar) Those interested in working with a counselor will receive a registration packet by mail containing a personal balance sheet to complete ahead of time and a list of documents that will be needed for the session.

How do I register?
Registration to attend the morning or afternoon workshop and the optional one-on-one counseling is required. To register, consumers should complete the registration form on DFI's website or call 1-877-746-4334. Seminar attendance is limited to 60 consumers per seminar.

About the Investor Education @ your libraryŽ
The Seattle workshop is part of a national public education campaign to help individuals make informed investment decisions. Twenty library systems around the country have been selected to offer a free seminar. The seminar has been developed and will be conducted by the Evelyn Brust Foundation.

Investor Education @ your libraryŽ, sponsored by the American Library Association (ALA) the Investor Protection Trust (IPT), is being administered by the Reference and User Services Association (RUSA), a division of the American Library Association. The initiative is part of ALA’s Campaign for America’s Libraries, a multi-year public awareness and advocacy effort that showcases libraries as places of opportunity — where information is affordable, available and accessible to all people. The seminar was developed and will be presented by a representative of the Evelyn Brust Financial Research and Education Foundation.

Participating libraries receive a bibliography, promotional materials, and a DVD set of IPT’s national “MoneyTrack” series, a new public television series devoted to helping consumers learn to invest successfully and get control of their personal finances. These resources will be used to enhance the library’s investor education collection.

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