Washington State Department of Financial Institutions

Consumer Alert:
Individuals Using USAcash.net Name
for Payday Loan Collection Scam

Posted: August 06, 2013

The Washington State Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) received a complaint from a Washington consumer that individuals posing as representatives of USAcash.net are engaging in a payday loan collection scam. USAcash.net is the website of a Utah-based company offering payday loans in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, and California. There is no indication, however, that the individuals involved are in fact affiliated with USAcash.net.

The consumer reported that she received a call from two individuals who claimed to work for a law firm in Atlanta, Georgia and on behalf of USAcash.net. The callers claimed that the consumer owed $710 for a past due payday loan, but would not provide further information regarding the debt. The callers threatened to have the consumer arrested if she did not pay. However, the consumer did not have a payday loan with USAcash.net.

The phone number associated with this scam is 404-845-7786. DFI has no other contact information.

Verify Licenses

DFI strongly recommends that consumers deal only with those lenders that are properly licensed to conduct business. Consumers can determine whether lenders are properly licensed using the "Verify a License" feature on the Department’s website at www.dfi.wa.gov.

Payday Loan Debt Collection Laws

Collection activities are subject to the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Therefore, if you have questions regarding debt collection laws please contact the Federal Trade Commission at 1-877-FTC HELP, or online at www.ftc.gov.

Report Fraud

If you are suspicious of unlicensed activity by a payday lender please contact the DFI at 1-877-RING-DFI (746-4334), or online at www.dfi.wa.gov.

If you feel you have been the victim of a loan scam please contact the Federal Trade Commission at 1-877-FTC-HELP (382-4357), or online at www.ftc.gov or contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (855) 411-CFPB, or online at www.consumerfinance.gov.

If you feel you have been the victim of a loan scam involving the Internet please contact the Internet Crime Complaint Center online at www.ic3.gov.

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