Desktop Loans - Loan Modification Scams

Date Posted: 
Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Company also using the names: Modified Mortgage Services, Gerry Alan Neel, a/k/a Jerry Alan Neel, Alan Lurya

Washington consumers are being contacted at their home telephone number by a representative claiming to work for Desktop Loans. The representative has specific information regarding loan amount, loan status, and other identifying information regarding the consumer’s primary residential loan and public records.

Consumers report that they are told that they are in a position to be helped out of imminent default or foreclosure actions and that Desktop Loans charges only $700 for this assistance which takes the form of loan modification services.

Gerry Neel is the owner of record for this company and consumers have also stated that he is the person of contact in many of the telephone contact calls.

Subsequent telephone contacts and sometimes email contacts are made between the consumer and the company representative, and at least one consumer was told via email that the company retains an attorney on staff by the name of Alan Lurya.

Ultimately, no loan modification services are actually provided.

If You Feel You're A Victim

If you feel you have been victimized by these individuals, and you reside in Washington State, you may file a complaint with the Washington State Department of Financial Institutions.

File a complaint by contacting the Consumer Services Division at (360)902-8703, or by filing a complaint.

Complaint forms are available at

Alan Lurya

Alan Lurya is not listed at the Washington State Bar Association website as an attorney licensed to practice law in this state. One result is obtained when the name “Alan Lurya” is searched in the California State Bar Association website, is listed as bar number 66655, has an active license, and is associated with the address of 18662 Macarthur Boulevard, #200, Irvine, California, 92612. The Department contacted Alan Lurya and received his response that is name is being associated with this entity without his consent.

Desktop Loans d/b/a Modified Mortgage Services, a/k/a Gerry Neel is not licensed by the Department of Financial Institutions to perform loan modification or other mortgage-related services in Washington State or for Washington Residents.

On or around May 6, 2009, the California Department of Real Estate has issued a legal order to “desist and refrain” to Desktop Loans, Inc doing business as Modified Mortgage; Gerald Alan Neel; Henry Gonzales. The California order cites the entities for various violations that include failure to hold the necessary licenses required to engage in business in that state.

Additionally, Desktop Loans d/b/a Modified Mortgage Services, a/k/a Gerry Neel is not registered with either the Washington State Department of Revenue or the Office of the Secretary of State to do business in Washington.

About Desktop Loans

Desktop Loans d/b/a Modified Mortgage Services, a/k/a Gerry Neel claims to have an address of:

15991 Red Hill Avenue, Suite 202
Tustin, California, 92870

However, mail is returned from this address.

Two alternate addresses associated with Gerry Neel are identified as:

927 Roberts
Anaheim, California, 92804

777 Convention Way, Suite 127
Anaheim, California 92802

Mail is also returned from these addresses.

Alan Lurya is associated with the following address:

1442 Irvine Boulevard, Suite 108
Tustin, CA 92780