Cornerstone Investment dba - Advance Fee Scam

Date Posted: 
Monday, November 3, 2008

Cornerstone Investment is an advance fee scam. Someone from the company calls the consumer claiming that the consumer has qualified for a loan but that an advance fee is required for the loan. Consumers state that they work with a woman by the name of Mrs. Nicole Thompson. The company advises the consumer that the loan will be deposited to his or her checking account within a few days after the fee is received. The company requests that the consumer wire the fee via Walmart. Once the money is received by the company, the consumer never receives loan proceeds.

Cornerstone Investment claims to have an address of 11497 Tamarack Lane, Nine Mile Falls, WA 99026. They are not located at this address. Cornerstone Investment is not licensed by the Department of Financial Institutions to lend money in Washington.

Cornerstone Investment dba is not to be confused with a number of other legitimate companies with the same or similar business names. Consumers are encouraged to verify the legitimacy of the companies that they are doing business with through the Department of Financial Institutions, the Secretary of State, Department of Revenue, or other reputable resources.

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