Washington State Department of Financial Institutions

Division of Banks Laws and Rules

The authority of the Division of Banks to regulate Washington's state-chartered commercial banks, stock savings banks, mutual savings banks, alien banks, independent trust companies, and savings and loan associations is derived from the Revised Code of Washington (RCW) and the Washington Administrative Code (WAC). The Division of Banks regulates Titles 30, 32, and 33 of the Revised Code of Washington (RCW), and the chapters of Title 208 of the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) which are listed below.

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Laws - Revised Codes of Washington (RCW)

Title 30 RCW Banks and Trust Companies
Chapter 31.24 RCW Industrial Development Corporations
Chapter 31.35 RCW Agricultural Lenders, Loan Guaranty Program
Chapter 31.40 RCW Federally Guaranteed Small Business Loans
Title 32 RCW Mutual Savings Banks
Title 33 RCW Savings and Loan Associations
Title 11 RCW Probate and Trust Law
Chapter 19.144 RCW Mortgage Lending and Homeownership Law

Rules - Washington Administrative Codes (WAC)

Chapter 208-512 WAC Banks and Trust Companies (formerly Chapter 50-12 WAC).
Chapter 208-512A WAC Limits on Loans and Extensions of Credit (formerly 208-512-240 WAC)
Chapter 208-514 WAC Mutual Savings Banks (formerly Chapter 50-14 WAC).
Chapter 208-528 WAC New State Banks and Trust Companies - Application and Investigation (formerly Chapter 50-28 WAC).
Chapter 208-532 WAC Establishment of Alien Banks in Washington -- Procedure (formerly Chapter 50-32 WAC).
Chapter 208-536 WAC Administration of Trust Companies -- Investments, Etc. (formerly Chapter 50-36 WAC).
Chapter 208-544 WAC Schedule of Costs of Examinations (formerly Chapter 50-44 WAC).
Chapter 208-548 WAC Acquisition of Banks, Trust Companies, National Banking Associations of Bank Holding Companies by Out-of-State Bank Holding Companies (formerly Chapter 50-48 WAC).
Chapter 208-556 WAC Small Business Administration 7(A) Loan Guaranty Program Nondepository Lenders -- Licensing and Regulation (formerly Chapter 50-56 WAC).
Chapter 208-586 WAC Examination and Supervision Fees for Savings and Loan Associations (formerly Chapter 419-14 WAC).
Chapter 208-590 WAC Merger or Acquisition of Troubled Associations (formerly Chapter 419-52).
Chapter 208-594 WAC Savings and Loan Trust Powers (formerly Chapter 419-56 WAC).
Chapter 208-598 WAC Foreign Association Branch Application Procedures (formerly Chapter 419-60).
Chapter 208-600-200 WAC Mortgage Lending and Homeownership.