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Opinions from the Washington Division of Banks clarifying RCWs and WACs related to state-chartered banks.

DFI Director's Interpretive Statements
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Date Topic/Subject
2015-001-DOB 01/07/2015 Discontinuing Use of State-Mandated “Disclosure Summary” under RCW 19.144.020
ISGC-2011-003-DOB 12/29/2011 Use of "RecycleBank" Impermissible in Washington
ISGC-2011-002-DFI 04/22/2011 Withdrawal of Agency Interpretation (ISGC 2008-005A-DFI) – State Bank Residential Mortgage Operating Subsidiary Subject to Consumer Loan Act
ISGC-2010-003-DOB 10/15/2010 Alien Bank Branch “Paid In Capital” Requirement Under Ch. 30.42 RCW – Compliance By Alternative Pledge of Savings Account in Third-Party Bank Within State
ISGC-2010-002-DOB 08/26/2010 Broker/Dealer’s Marketing Activities Under RCW 30.04.010, RCW 30.04.020, And RCW 30.04.280 (Issue Concerning Whether Activities Are “Solicitation Of Deposits”)
ISGC-2010-001-DOB 08/20/2010 Advance Notice Of Change Of Control Under RCW 30.04.405 – When Unnecessary?
ISGC-2009-001-DOB 04/03/2009 Winding-Up The Affairs Of A Business Development Corporation
ISGC-2008-008-DOB 12/03/2008 Shortened (Ten Day) Notice Of Shareholder Meetings Contained In Bylaws
ISGC-2008-007-DOB 11/04/2008 FHLB Seattle Letter Of Credit Program – Exemption From RCW 30.04.140
ISGC-2008-005A-DFI 06/11/2008 Licensing Exemptions For State Savings Bank Subsidiary Under Mortgage Broker Practices Act And Consumer Loan Act (Superseded By ISGC-2011-002-DFI In Relation To Consumer Loan Act)
ISGC-2008-006-DOB 05/30/2008 Notice Of Unauthorized Use Of “Banque” In “Kredit Banque Corporation”
ISGC-2008-005-DOB 03/27/2008 Merger Of State Trust Company Into National Bank
ISGC-2008-003-DOB 03/26/2008 Merger Of State Trust Company Into National Bank
ISGC-2008-001-DOB 02/29/2008 Merger Of State Trust Company Into National Bank
ISGC-2007-010-DOB 11/13/2007 Limitations On “Qualified Investment” Or “Qualified Lending” Under The Business Development Company Act
ISGC-2007-009-DOB 08/01/2007 Commercial Bank Lending Limits: Combining Loans To Separate Borrowers – Limited Partnership Interests
ISGC-2007-008-DOB 05/23/2007 Reciprocity With Rhode Island Regarding Non-Depository Activities (See Also ISGC-2004-005-DOB)
ISGC-2007-007-DOB 04/05/2007 Direct Sales Of Property & Casualty (Fire) Insurance By State Savings Banks
ISGC-2006-012-DOB 11/22/2006 Direct Insurance Sales By State Commercial Banks
ISGC-2005-023-DOB 12/22/2005 Loans-to-One Borrower Rule and the “Direct Benefit Test”
ISGC-2005-020-DFI 11/21/2005 Debt Cancellation Contracts And Debt Suspension Agreements
ISGC-2005-013-DOB 09/30/2005 Contemporaneous Use Of Official Charter Name (“ABC Bank”) And Assumed Business Or Trade Name (“XYZ Bank”)
ISGC-2005-010-DOB 07/26/2005 Houseboats: Floating Home Lending Program & Ffiec Guidelines Concerning Credit Risk-Ratios
ISGC-2005-009-DOB 07/25/2005 Authority To Merge Insurance Agency Subsidiary Into Depository Institution Insurance-Related Powers Of A State Depository Institution Acting As An Insurance Agency
ISGC-2005-008-DOB 07/05/2005 Holding And Developing Branch Facilities In The Form Of Condominiums
ISGC-2005-006-DOB 05/13/2005 Reciprocity: Out-Of-State Tennessee Bank Seeking To Branch In Washington State (NOTE: Superseded By Dodd-Frank Act)
ISGC-2005-005-DOB 04/29/2005 Use Of “Bank” In “Domainbank.Com”
ISGC-2005-004-DOB 04/22/2005 State Commercial Bank Lending Limits And Market Variance For “Available For Sale Securities”
ISGC-2005-003-DOB 04/20/2005 Retention Of “Savings” In Name Of Bank Upon Conversion To State Commercial Bank Charter
ISGC-2005-002-DOB 03/15/2005 Equity Investment In Community Development Entity Managed By Wholly Owned Subsidiary Of Gse Housing Authority Pursuant To Federally Authorized New Markets Tax Credit Program